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When the cold weather doesn’t allow you to do anything outside, you should not waste your time thinking about long walks in the park. A great alternative could be the Sauna Central London, which would help you and your girlfriend to relax. Contact our Parlour and make a book for out call London Escorts massage.

A simple night can be transformed in an experience to remember, if you are able to follow a few advices. The Sauna Central London is a special practice that can create intense sensations of pleasure, multiple orgasms and a general good state. For the beginning, you will have to choose a relaxing melody, candles, and an intimate atmosphere. Special oils and…nice nails are important also. See that your nails are not too long, as scratches are not that great for this type of massage.

You don’t have to be stressed just because you have not tried oriental massage London since now. It is important to know the body of the partner well, especially the zones where he likes to be touched, and to make every move with great care.

Try to take a shower together first, as you can relax and spoil one another with pleasant touches. The Sauna Central London is not only about massage, as it is important to have a great atmosphere first. Start with light touches, completed with passionate kisses. Use the special oil for perfect sensations. Choose the aphrodisiac ones with rose flavour, jasmine or the ones with relaxing effect. You will have to choose a pure oil, made of plants, not only of chemical flavours.

For a pleasant sensation of contact with the skin, the oil has to be warm. Touch the partner with light moves, and try to cover each part of the body. Try to vary the touches, and follow the reactions. Alternate the light touches with the firm ones. For the moment, don’t focus on the erogenous areas, as waiting will create intense pleasuring sensations. Moreover, use your imagination to excite your partner with sensual moves. You can condiment the outcall massage London with an erotic and exciting dance. This way, you will find out which of the moves are liked more.

The Sauna Central London can be spiced with an erotic talk. when you feel that it is time for more erotic touches, ask your partner to sit on his back and continue to massage the chest, abdomen, getting down to the thighs. Insist in the area of the neck and knees, and don’t forget about the ears, as those are erogenous areas. The sexual area must be left for the end, as it requires special attention. Moreover, the sensual massage can be a great foreplay for a memorable night. Moreover, the erotic massage can become more than a pleasuring ritual, favouring the relationship between the partners and helping better communication on a sexual plan.

If you want to learn more about those techniques, you can attend the Sauna Central London centres, where you will learn special moves and the best ways to help your partner to relax completely, and to become an expert in pleasuring your boyfriend.