When the cold weather doesn’t allow you to do anything outside, you should not waste your time thinking about long walks in the park. A great alternative could be the Sauna Central London, which would help you and your girlfriend to relax. Contact our Parlour and make a book for out call massage.

A simple night can be transformed in an experience to remember, if you are able to follow a few advices. The Sauna Central London is a special practice that can create intense sensations of pleasure, multiple orgasms and a general good state. For the beginning, you will have to choose a relaxing melody, candles, and an intimate atmosphere. Special oils and…nice nails are important also. See that your nails are not too long, as scratches are not that great for this type of erotic massage.

You don’t have to be stressed just because you have not tried oriental massage London since now. It is important to know the body of the partner well, especially the zones where he likes to be touched, and to make every move with great care.

Try to take a shower together first, as you can relax and spoil one another with pleasant touches. The Sauna Central London is not only about erotic massage, as it is important to have a great atmosphere first. Start with light touches, completed with passionate kisses. Use the special oil for perfect sensations. Choose the aphrodisiac ones with rose flavour, jasmine or the ones with relaxing effect. You will have to choose a pure oil, made of plants, not only of chemical flavours.

For a pleasant sensation of contact with the skin, the oil has to be warm. Touch the partner with light moves, and try to cover each part of the body. Try to vary the touches, and follow the reactions. Alternate the light touches with the firm ones. For the moment, don’t focus on the erogenous areas, as waiting will create intense pleasuring sensations. Moreover, use your imagination to excite your partner with sensual moves. You can condiment the outcall massage London with an erotic and exciting dance. This way, you will find out which of the moves are liked more.

The Sauna Central London can be spiced with an erotic talk. when you feel that it is time for more erotic touches, ask your partner to sit on his back and continue to massage the chest, abdomen, getting down to the thighs. Insist in the area of the neck and knees, and don’t forget about the ears, as those are erogenous areas. The sexual area must be left for the end, as it requires special attention. Moreover, the sensual massage can be a great foreplay for a memorable night. Moreover, the erotic massage can become more than a pleasuring ritual, favouring the relationship between the partners and helping better communication on a sexual plan.

If you want to learn more about those techniques, you can attend the Sauna Central London centres, where you will learn special moves and the best ways to help your partner to relax completely, and to become an expert in pleasuring your boyfriend.

Fun times

Whether you are a Londoner or you are simply visiting, you can always come at us for some of the most pleasant and relaxing moments of your life. The masseuses at the London sexy massage will do anything needed so that you can walk away with a smile on your face, completely satisfied, thinking only about the next time you will come.

There are plenty of techniques used during our tantric massage sessions, and all our therapists are experts in this domain – oriental pleasures followed by complete relaxations. Since the techniques come from the ancient Orient, where everything had a little something on the inside from the complete opposite, it is only natural that these therapy sessions are very sensual and explicit. Obviously, the enticing movements of our beautiful masseuses wouldn’t mean too much if your sight was hindered by any clothes.

That is why, from the moment you entered the London sexy massage room you will be welcomed by a completely naked beautiful masseuse, who only covered herself with a see-through robe. Gently, she will help you with your clothes, taking her time with your buttons, with your zip, carefully arranging the clothes on a hanger. As you admire her perfect figure, she will prepare you for the next step of the session – a hot and soothing bath, during which a soapy massage will be performed, followed by the complete invigoration of your skin with essential oils.

Obviously, all the teasing won’t let you inert – our beautiful masseuse will be glad because of that, this being a sign of your appreciation for her. The next step of the session will take place on an air mattress, where you will be laid facing up, with the masseuse working on your muscles.

This wouldn’t be a London sexy massage session if the therapist didn’t take care of your most private parts. And, as a matter of fact, this is what the last part of the therapy will be about.

Of course, some may climax several times during a session. However, if the client manages to maintain his erection for the entire session, then the pleasure felt in the end will be even more intense. The masseuse will perform a lingam massage like no other, taking care of the client’s penis, testicles, and perineum, all at the same time. When the final moment comes and the sexual tension is released all of a sudden, the state of relaxation which will follow will be so deep that it could be actually compared to peace and happiness.

Of course, this sexy massage won’t be over until you had the chance of cleaning yourself from all the oils and massage gels. A last shower will be taken with your beautiful therapist and, who knows, maybe further meetings will be arranged during it.

Of course, in order to reach this last step, you must first give us a call and make the arrangements for your first London sexy massage session. You will not be disappointed and, as said, you will leave completely satisfied by the services of our beautiful therapists.

A sensual therapy

For a unique experience, call and make an appointment for a London sensual massage therapy session with one (or more) of our talented and naughty masseuses. They will show you the meaning of sensuality in one single session and you will certainly want to return, just like most of the men that have visited us. That is right, we are certain that you will meet complete satisfaction in our special massage rooms with our naughty angels.

These aren’t the usual amateurs and escorts with which you have been used to until now. Our beautiful, which are the embodiments of angels on earth, are also professional masseuses with years of experience in the most erotic and sensual massage techniques. Tantric, nuru or lingam massages are offered by most of the special erotic massage parlours in the city – but only these beauties will show you what sensuality really means.

And the secret is in actually performing the special erotic massage technique without rushing the London sensual massage session. Other masseuses would look forward to seeing you leave and so they will bring you to a happy-ending as soon as possible. But this isn’t our case. You are not just another client that comes to our door. You are instead a friend, an old acquaintance with whom we haven’t had the pleasure of being in a long time. So we will all take our time with you and show you what we have learned over the course of the years.

Sensuality isn’t strictly related to sexuality. And although we have a strict no clothes policy, and although there will be plenty of intimate touching, all of these will be with one single purpose: to help your relax and replenish all your lost strength and vitality. The intense pleasures that you will feel throughout the entire massage session will actually be the stress and the tension that are hidden in your body and are being revealed. In the end, when you will literally feel like exploding, you will feel the special massage room with your essence. This is when you will find out what being relaxed actually means.

We are certain that a single London sensual massage session with any of our beauties will lift the veil from your eyes and teach you that satisfaction lies in all the places, even where you didn’t even bother to look. When you will too come again, you will realize that your life can indeed change for the better.

Yes, we are certain that a single session with our angels will convince you that we are the best and that you need to come again. And we will be more than delighted to greet you again and again, as many times as you want and for as long as you needed. After all is said and done, we want only one thing from you: to see you smiling, completely satisfied.

So don’t miss this unique opportunity of having both pleasure and relaxation. Reach out and take it all, for we are the ones to give them to you. Call us now and have your first London sensual massage therapy session and you will realize that everything and even more than we have said is true. You expectations will definitely be met and exceeded!

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